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16 St Patricks Day Cocktails To Get The Party Started

St Patricks Day and booze pretty much go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I mean, it’s the one day a year where drinking maybe just a little too much is perfectly acceptable. No matter where you live.

Now you could just go for the normal beer and wine combination, but if you plan on throwing a party or having a few friends over, then you could take it up a level with some amazing cocktails.

I have put together some delicious and really eye catching cocktail recipes that go perfectly with St Patricks Day.

So keep reading to see some of my favorite Irish-inspired cocktails!

1. Baileys Mint Martini

Found at Lemon Tree Dwelling

2. Ginger & Mint Lime Floats

Found at Inspired By Charm

3. Irish Mule

Found at Flying On Jess Fuel

4. Irish Sour Apple Cocktail

Found at Park Ranger John

5. Sparkling Shamrock

Found at Pretty Plain Janes

6. Lucky Leprechaun Rum Punch

Found at Freutcake

7. Shamrock SipperLow Calorie Cocktail

Found at Greta’s Day

8. Irish Jello Shots

Found at Simple Easy Creative

9. Guinness Float

Found at Inspired By Charm

10. St. Patrick’s Day Grasshopper Ice Cream Cocktail

Found at Dine & Dash

11. Cucumber Mint Gin Coolers

st patricks day cocktails

Found at Heather Christo

12. Green Apple Sangria

Found at Made With Happy

13. Green Whiskey Smash

st patricks day cocktails

Found at Well Plated

14. Homemade Flavored Shimmery Liqueur

st patricks day cocktails

Found at The Flavor Bender

15. Spiced Irish Coffee

st patricks day cocktails

Found at The Spice Train

16. Baileys Pudding Shots

st patricks day cocktails

Found at Crazy For Crust


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